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Hack Manhattan is a friendly community hackerspace.

Hardware Freedom Day Schedule - Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hack Manhattan will be celebrating the second Hardware Freedom Day with an Arduino Workshop and open house in our new larger space.

The Arduino Workshop from 1 PM to 5 PM requires a ticket which must be purchased anywhere from one hour to three days in advance depending upon whether you bring your own Arduino experiment kit or not. See full details at Eventbrite.

The open house from 5 PM until however late in the evening people may stay is free and open to everyone like many events at Hack Manhattan. During the open house, you are encouraged to use the tools available at the hackerspace to work on making something, printing a 3D object, etc. Merely observing and exchanging ideas on making things, fixing things, etc. is also fine.

Location and Directions

Location: 137 West 14th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues in Manhatan. The building is near Union Square and surrounded by stops for multiple subway lines readily acessible from all over New York City. See the OpenStreetMap and the Google map with directions.

Additional Information

Additional information about Hack Manhattan and its activities can be found on our website, including the about page, and especially our wiki. Anyone generally interested is encouraged to join blabber, our general discussion mailing list.

Hack Mahattan was recently featured in the New York Times article A Factory on Your Kitchen Counter about 3D printing. In addition to part of the article text, most of the accompanying photographs were taken at Hack Manhattan.

Currently, Hack Manhattan is the only Manhattan membership based hackerspace which is open for anyone to join.


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