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This HFD Wiki is supported by the Digital Freedom Foundation.

This wiki is meant to provide guides to help us organize the Hardware Freedom Day and share ideas, documents and reports about our successes. This is also the place for event organizers to have a web page to describe their event in details.


  • HFD 2015 - This is the central page to find or add an HFD event worldwide!

    • Read the StartGuide to get started!

    • Check out the CreateYourEventpage if you have any problem creating your event wiki page!

    • Marketing

      • CountDown - The HFD countdown and its source code, please feel free to localize the countdown for your country.

      • Artwork - The HFD logo, source files, banners, magazine ad, tshirts design, and so forth.

      • Resources - Templates, Presentations, Movies, Texts etc.

  • HFD Worldwide

    • Social Networks - Some social network links related to HFD.

    • General FAQ - If you have any question in general, try to look for an answer from FAQ. You can also post your question there and get an answer later.


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